Professional Water Heater Services in Santa Ana, California

Anyone who has encountered a problem with their water heater is aware of how inconvenient life is in the home when this happens. Nobody wants to wash dishes by hand in cold water or step into a cold shower. Aside from stopping people from being able to do some of the tasks in the home, this situation can also cause damage and leaks.

An emergency water heater repair would need the skills and knowledge of an expert technician for it to be resolved. If there is a leak in your water heater or it is malfunctioning, then you need to contact immediately a professional.

Common Problems With Water Heaters

A water heater ought to furnish you with steady measures of hot water everyday. If your heater is not acting the same as usual, this could be a huge indicating factor that something is not right. It’s within your best interest to contact the professionals sooner rather than later. Some of the problems that homeowners can have with their heater are smelly or discolored water and a leaking unit.

No Hot Water

When there is no hot water coming out of your water fixtures this may be caused by different reasons. If it is a gas unit that is not producing hot water, the issue could be that the pilot light is not lighting, a lack of gas flow, or a thermocouple might not be properly sensing that the pilot light is on. The breaker might have been tripped, the heating elements might have failed, or the thermostat limit/reset switch may not be working for an electric heater. A professional is the one that can verify what really caused it and have it repaired so that there will be hot water again in the home.

Little Hot Water

If it seems the home is always running short of hot water, the tank could just be way too small in size for the home’s needs or there could be a fault in its part that needs replacement. There are times when there is a need for the thermostat to be raised. Now, when it comes to fixing the issue, a professional can diagnose and fix it.

Discolored Water

There are a few signs that alert a homeowner that there are issues, for example, discolored water. If the discoloration is of a rust one, then this can signal that corrosion has happened already on the anode rod. A replacement of the anode rod should get the water back to normal. When you leave it alone, then the corroded part can turn into a leak.

If the hot water coming out of your faucets is dirty, but not rusty, the cause could be a buildup of minerals on the heating elements or elsewhere within the unit. Having your water heater serviced regularly will prevent minerals from accumulating to the point that the unit’s efficiency suffers.

Smelly Water

If your tap water smells like sulfur, there is likely bacteria in it. This issue can usually be solved by replacing the anode rod. Additionally, setting the unit to 140 degress will eliminate the presence of bacteria in the tank.

Strange Noises

Strange sounds emanating from your water heater should alert you to the possibility of a mineral buildup on the heating elements or in the tank. Mineral buildups can impair the unit’s heating efficiency and can even result in a leak.


When the unit leaks this is often a sign that there is something bad going with it. If the leak is coming from the top section of your water heater, you could be dealing with a valve failure or a loose pipe. When the leak is found at the bottom this can be caused by a loose drain valve, condensation or corrosion in the tank. If you have a corroded or a cracked tank then this necessitates it being wholly replaced already.

Replacement and Installation

New water heater units are easier to repair than old ones. Water heaters that are already old have a tendency to have more problems due to parts that have worn out or corroded already. When problems arise in a water heater 10 years or older, it may need a replacement. New units will not require nearly as many upgrades and will often lower the utility bills as they will run more efficiently than an older unit and a skilled technician will be able to inspect the system and give you an idea of whether or not it would be best to upgrade rather than fix it.

When the time has come to have your water heater replaced then it is the technician who can tell you about the options for it. Your choices may be limited by the available energy source, whether that’s natural gas or electricity. Homeowners can look at the new tankless units that are available now because they are energy efficient.