Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Santa Ana, California

Every time the sink is used for rinsing or washing, particles from it can go down the drain and be stuck to the walls there. Layers start forming until they create a slow-draining mess in your sink after every use.

A certified plumber will be able to restore any slow or non-functioning drains to a free-flowing state by using the latest drain cleaning technology on the job. Not only will cleaning them unclog the pipes. It will also clean the walls of the pipe, get rid of foul odors, and keep clogs from occurring again. You don’t need to put up with the frustration and inconvenience of drains that don’t run freely. Call today the professional to get your pipes to work like new ones.

How is professional drain cleaning different from commercial drain cleaners?

Not only are drain clogs irritating, they leave a mess in the sink and smell bad, but if left for too long, they can create havoc on the pipes. As there is nowhere for water in these pipes to go, they can form leaks, damaging walls, floors, and other fixtures in the home. When you have leaks, mold may grow there and some pests will be attracted to it.

It is highly important for a homeowner to have a clogged drain addressed right away. Homeowners might be enticed to run out and purchase a drain cleaner, yet this may not generally be the best answer to drain issues.

The drain cleaning products you can buy in a grocery or hardware store are not good for the environment and usually don’t do much more than create a small opening in the clog blocking your drain pipe. Homeowners who make use of store bought cleaners are likely to experience similar problems of clogging within a few months. It’s not uncommon for a store-bought drain cleaner to loosen a clog just enough so that it slides farther into the pipe and creates a blockage that’s even more difficult to access and clear. It just pushes it further away, rather than removing the debris.

Effective drain cleaning removes the debris pipes completely, so it is unlikely that the problem will return soon after the cleaning. Most plumbing professionals are conscientious about preserving the environment and no longer use harsh or toxic chemicals to clear clogged pipes.

Professionals carry a number of helpful tools to take care of any drain issue that arises, no matter if it’s your kitchen sink, a toilet clog, or a washing machine drain. A drain camera may be used to spot the issue and clear it. You shouldn’t have any more clogging problems for a good long time after a professional drain cleaning.

How does hydro-jetting work?

There’s no need to pour caustic chemicals down the drain when you can call on a professional to clear your pipes using the hydro-jetting method. In this technique, the drain is sprayed down with a high pressure jet stream of water.

It is normal for a bit of a mess to be created for a few moments, however the professionals will clean up the area and you will be left with no mess and no stress. Instead of having to clear a hole through the clog, it is the jet stream that enables the clearing of the whole pipe. This way pipes can be clear for a longer period of time, thereby lowering the cost of homeowners on recurring drain cleaning.

Because the only substance used in hydro-jetting is water, it’s an environmentally safe way to clear obstructed pipes. It is even possible to use hydro jetting to clear sewer lines of materials and tree roots. Using a hydro jet eliminates the need to cut a sewer line open to clear it, making cleanup quick and easy.

What if the disposal is the problem?

The disposal can prevent water from draining, rather than the drain itself. Large pieces of food or other materials can prove too tough for a disposal to break down, causing a jam. Sometimes a homeowner can clear the debris from the disposal on their own, but other times the jam is too complicated for them.

An expert can easily diagnose any issue with your disposal and repair it to get it back up and running. Sometimes, the disposal cannot be fixed anymore, and if that’s the case, the technician can walk you through the disposal options and install it for you the same day. Ideally, you’ll choose a garbage disposal that comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.