Professional Garbage Disposal Services in Santa Ana, California

When the sink disposal is not turning on, you can be frustrated and concerned with it. Garbage disposals can become jammed by large bones or a utensil that gets lost down the sink drain. When it is not working, this can make it difficult for you to wash the dishes.

There are times when the people in the home stop dishwashing because they fear this will make the mess down there bigger. A broken disposal often needs instant repair to get the kitchen back to working order. A professional technician can go to your home on the same day and fix your disposal.

Professionals are guaranteed to have had some experience with your disposal. Regardless of what brand, they will know how to fix it. The technician will let you know if your current unit is beyond repair and will advise you on your best replacement options.

Signs You May Need a New Garbage Disposal

A disposal is essential for grinding up food particles and preventing large clogs from building up in the pipes. Families choose to dispose of food scraps in sink disposals rather than the trash for this reason. Although a disposal makes this process much easier, some problems may still occur when the disposal is used frequently. Below you will be able to find some signs that will let you know it is time to replace your disposal.

Strange noises

It is a cause for concern whenever a disposal makes a sudden or unexpected sound. Sometimes just a piece of silverware or other object is the culprit, and the offensive sounds can be remedied by removing such item. However, if it’s still making weird noises after being checked for foreign objects, you might want to call in a technician for a repair or replacement.

Doesn’t turn on

There are a few key reasons for a garbage disposal failing to turn on. The first thing to do is check the breaker to see if it’s been tripped. If that’s not the problem, try pushing the disposal’s reset button. But if neither of those fixes work, then you could have faulty wiring or some other kind of mechanical issue.

Leaks water

Even if your garbage disposal is regularly serviced, it will not last forever. These types of devices typically will last about 10 to 15 years before replacement becomes necessary. If you notice water leaking from the unit, repairing a crack could turn out to be more costly than the cost to replace the entire disposal with a brand new one.

Frequent repairs or resets

Garbage disposals should not be reset frequently, if ever at all. The disposal that needs regular resets probably needs to be replaced. But if your disposal system has only been used for a few years then you may want to see if it is still covered by its warranty.

What to Look for in a New Garbage Disposal

If you have inherited the disposal system in your kitchen sink because the home you bought is a used one then you may not have any idea yet on its capabilities. You may be bothered by the disposal if it is noisy or has a limited capacity. Now that you can pick a new garbage disposal, you need to know about the capabilities that new disposals have now.

Each new generation of garbage disposals tends to be quieter than the previous one. If you’re sensitive to noise, ask which models are the quietest. Other disposals have such strong blades that are rugged enough to cut right through beef bones. A garbage disposal that gets stuck when grinding food scraps is probably ready for replacement.

How much your garbage disposal is used and what it’s used for will dictate how powerful a unit you need. A disposal with 1 horsepower is typically enough for any sized family, and half to three-fourths horsepower generally works for families of 4 to 6 people.

Many disposal systems make use of electric switches to work but there are some that make use of air pressure switches because this doesn’t use electrical wires. This reduces the risk of electrocutions and other hazardous situations when the disposal is running. No matter the kind of disposal that you are searching for, there are many choices that you have for it and the technician can easily install it for you.