Santa Ana, CA Professional AC Repair Services

In places where the heat is high, a broken AC can make life unbearable. Since an AC unit has many working parts and there are different possible reasons for it not working so suddenly, the HVAC professional needs to be called upon to be able to resolve the problem.

Look for an air conditioning professional who offers same-day emergency services. Thus you do not need to go through days or even weeks of not having cool air in your home just because the AC is not working.

When should you call an AC repair professional?

Whether an AC unit works less than optimal efficiency or simply does not turn on, a professional would know what to search for in order to get it to function again. If your unit is nearing the end of it’s life expectancy and the professional can’t get it working again, they will be able to recommend a suitable replacement. Here are a few indicators that it is time to call an expert if it is less than ten years old and it is having problems.

Low air flow from vents

If the unit is on, yet there is little air getting through the vents, this could flag that something isn’t right with either the compressor or the ducts. When you don’t have good airflow, your home cannot cool down adequately and you are probably wasting more energy than you should with only minimal results. However, a qualified professional can solve this problem with a quick fix.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

Trying to get a lower baseline temperature throughout the home only to discover a few stubborn rooms remaining unchanged is downright frustrating. Due to the fact that heat rises, the upper level rooms tend to be a bit warmer than the lower levels. But if there’s a drastic difference in the temperatures, there may be an issue. Typically vents, ductwork, or filters are the guilty parties.

Notice bad smells or loud noises when unit is on

If there’s a strange smell that’s coming through the vents when the unit is on, there might be a problem somewhere between the unit and the venet. Very often a burnt wire is the culprit, or there could be mold present in the ducts. Both of these situations warrant making a call to the professional to have it fixed. Likewise, you should be concerned enough with scraping or grinding noises from the device itself to call a professional.

Unit is leaking

If you see liquid seeping from your air conditioning unit, be aware that while it could be only water, it could also be toxic refrigerant. Any sign of leakage from your AC unit should prompt you to call in a professional. An AC repair professional is able to solve the problem by replacing the unit’s condensation tubes if the liquid is indeed water. Leaking refrigerant often requires replacement of the faulty refrigerant lines.

Thermostat isn’t working

The problem may not be with your air conditioner itself but rather with the switch that turns it on and off. Air conditioning experts are also very knowledgeable about inspecting and repairing malfunctioning thermostats. The cables are checked and temperature readings also recalibrated to interact effectively with your AC unit by them.

Energy bills significantly higher

A higher energy bill than usual is a warning that something is troubling the unit. If your bill has increased, you should seek professional help even if everything seems normal. This is usually an indication that the unit is being stressed more than it should be and needs servicing.

How can regular maintenance save you from repair?

A well-maintained air conditioner, like a well-maintained car, will extend its useful life. In most parts of the country, air conditioners are only used during certain months. You might not realize there’s a problem with your air conditioner until you try to crank it up on the first hot day of summer.

In addition to keeping the equipment in good shape, regular maintenance helps experts to identify potential issues that can cause major problems if not repaired. Air conditioning professionals recommend, at a minimum, an annual service visit. Try to have your air conditioner serviced before the beginning of the summer so that it will run efficiently for the entire season. This will prevent major breakdowns while saving you money on your energy bills and extending the useful life of your air conditioner.